SAM Registration and DUNS Number Update

SAM Registration and DUNS Number Upddate (04-10-17)

Rutgers has resolved the issues with its SAM registrations. Please note that it may require a day or two for the updates to synchronize with other government agency systems. Please contact your grant specialist to determine if a proposal or award may still be affected.

SAM Registration and DUNS Number Update (03-29-17)

Dear colleagues:
We want to update you on the status of the DUNS number and SAM registration issue for Rutgers.   The crux of the issue is the inability for SAM to validate registration renewals because of unauthorized changes made to the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) records that changed the Rutgers’ name related to our various DUNS numbers.  We were unaware of these changes to the D&B database; thus, when we attempted to renew our federal SAM registrations for all these numbers earlier this month, the renewals failed because of this change.  Each attempt to correct the DUNS number or name takes a few working days, and if it works, this leads to a SAM update that takes another few working days (and links to several other federal systems, such as CAGE, which can take longer).  Thus, each attempt can take at least a week.  These attempts failed several times at different steps for curious sometimes unknown reasons, each of which was discussed with D & B, corrections made, and then another attempt made.  We also worked with the Rutgers Finance office and General Council on this issue.   The most recent attempt failed again as of today.  We are trying again today.
What can you and we do for submissions?
  • The SAMs registrations for NJMS, CINJ and SON are active, so no action is required.
  • Make sure your grant specialist knows of all upcoming submissions. Not all agencies require the SAM registration at submission so some agencies, like NSF, are unaffected.
  • For awards and progress reports, we suggest waiting to submit these unless there is a critical need.  Contact your grant specialist to discuss.
  • We are asking Agencies to accept our proposals that are due this week through an alternative means, such as through email, until our SAM registration issue is resolved. That has not yet been successful.
  • We have developed a letter from our office to accompany request for an alternative means of submission or for late proposals, please contact your grant specialist for assistance. 
  • We have submitted some proposals through alternative SAM registrations that are active.  Please note that is only done with PI approval, and we work with the school under whose DUNS we are using to submit to get approval.   You do not need to contact the other school; you only need to work through ORSP.
We certainly do not like this impact on our faculty; however, everyone in the team has been working daily on every possible mechanism to work out this problem.  At this point we expect it will be several days before we know if the next attempt is successful.  
Terri Kinzy
Vice President for Research