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Proposal Deadlines

ORSP Submission Deadlines

Proposal preparation takes considerable time and effort. Effective 9/1/2015, all administrative items are required in their final version with placeholders for the final science by 12pm noon five (5) business days before the sponsor deadline.  The proposal in its final form for submission to the sponsor, including the final science, is due by 12pm noon two (2) business days before the sponsor deadline.  Once ORSP reviews the proposal, the Grant Specialist may request changes to the administrative and/or scientific components of the proposal in line with all university and sponsor policies.  All changes requested by ORSP must be completed and returned to ORSP no later than 9am Eastern Time on the day of the sponsor deadline.  ORSP is not responsible for additional changes that the investigator may make to the proposal during this time or any adverse impact such changes may have on the proposal submission.  Requests to withdraw and resubmit  changes once a proposal has been submitted to the sponsor are at the discretion of ORSP.

For all proposals being submitted via the sponsor's electronic system (NSF FastLane, Proposal Central, etc.), if the system permits, ORSP must be granted access to the submission a minimum of five (5) days in advance of the sponsor's deadline. If the sponsor’s system does not allow for the ORSP to be given access, a copy of the final proposal must be provided in accordance with the established 5/2 day policy.  All documents including the final science must be uploaded and in final format and access provided to ORSP by 12pm noon two (2) business days before the sponsor deadline.

Proposal Development Timeline

This timeline below is a representative example of the proposal submission timeline for PIs and Department Administrators. This timeline has been developed to allow sufficient lead time to produce a quality proposal, receive required internal approvals, and ensure thorough central office review prior to submission.

Proposal Development Timeline

Documentation Required for the (5 Day/2 Day) Deadlines

Please note the 5/2 day policy applies to ALL activity that is submitted to ORSP for review (proposals, progress reports, letters of intent, subawards, etc.)

Documents Required at Five (5) Business Day Deadline Documents Required at Two (2) Business Day Deadline
Completed RAPSS Funding Proposal with PI Signature/PI Approval to Submit and the working project title Completed RAPSS Funding Proposal with all required signatures/department approval and final project title
Sponsor's guidelines
Final proposal excluding final science

Final Science, which may include:

  • Project Summary/Abstract
  • Project Narrative
  • Bibliography & References Cited
  • Facilities & Other Resources
  • Specific Aims
  • Research Strategy
  • Resource Sharing Plan(s)
Final budget with budget justification

Subaward documents (if applicable):

  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • SOW
  • Statement of Intent
  • Subrecipient Commitment Form

Completed COI Disclosure Form

For all Investigators, a disclosure must be on file and active (submitted within the last 12 months) at the time of proposal submission.  A new disclosure is not required.