RBHS GS/Staff Assignments (Newark)

RBHS Grant Specialist/Staff Assignments


Alphabetical Listing of Departments/Units and their corresponding Contract/Grant Specialist

Updated 01/01/2014 (effective 01/01/2014).

Administrative Unit Grants Specialist Contact
Academic Administration-NJMS Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Anesthesiology/Clinical Science Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Cell Biology Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Emergency Medicine Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Family Medicine/Clinical Science Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Medicine/Clinical Science Cecilia Arceo (973)-972-4569
Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Cecilia Arceo (973)-972-4569
Neurological Surgery/Clinical Science Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Neurology Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
OB/GYN/Clinical Science Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Ophthalmology/Clinical Science Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Orthopaedics/Clinical Science Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Otolaryngology Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Pathology/Laboratory Medicine Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Pediatrics/Clinical Science Cecilia Arceo (973)-972-4569
Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
PHRI Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Physical Medicine/Clinical Sciences Cecilia Arceo (973)-972-4569
Preventative Medicine/Basic and Clinical Science Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
Psychiatry/Clincial Science Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Radiology/Clinical Science Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
School of Dental Medicine Cecilia Arceo (973)-972-4569
School of Health Related Professions Cecilia Carrington (973)-972-8649
School of Nursing Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
School of Nursing-FXB Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281
Surgery/Clinical Science Sharon McFarlane (973)-972-0281