Endorsement Form

Endorsement Form

The Endorsement Form is:

  • The internal mechanism utilized to obtain the necessary research project information in order to process a proposal to a sponsor

  • A detailed, binding documentation between the department and ORSP where all appropriate signatures from the PI, Director/Chair, Dean, and ORSP Specialist which must be obtained prior to submission of a proposal. When animal or human research, stem cells, or biohazardous materials are involved then signatures from the appropriate Compliance officer are also required.

  • Required to document and process all new awards, all award continuations, additional funding, and/or any budgetary changes to existing awards, to the Division of Grant and Contract Accounting (DGCA) for account set-up.

The Fully Signed/Executed Endorsement Form:

  • Ensures a proposed project is complete and consistent with the missions and policies of the department, college, and the university

  • Outlines all applicable proposal information for grants, contracts, MOA, MOU, Cooperative Agreements, and any other type of proposed submissions.

A Completed and Signed Endorsement Form

  •  Is required 5 business days prior to sponsor deadline date of any proposal for sponsored funding.

  • In the case of clinical trials, the completed and signed Endorsement Form is requested 10 business days prior to sponsor deadline date for any proposal for sponsored funding.

A Complete Endorsement Form package may be sent via fax, email (scanned pdf file), hand delivered, or campus mail and includes:

  • Narrative/scope of work

  • Detailed budget/budget template

  • Budget justification

  • If applicable:

    1. Supporting documentation for any F&A exceptions or restrictions
    2. Signed Cost Share budget template
    3. Letter of Intent
    4. Any additional required Sponsor documentation
    5. Project Fund Source/Index Request & Modification Form

The Endorsement Form is a fillable PDF form. This form can be downloaded and completed and then saved to your computer for future use. Tab from field to field for quicker completion as well as to ensure that no fields are missed. Fields highlighted in red are required information and will prevent saving of the form until completed.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Endorsement Form, please contact your ORSP Grants Specialist.

Software Requirements

Acrobat Reader (or Pro) 9.1 or newer.
Adobe Reader is free and can downloaded from here