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Rutgers/RBHS Newark

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Rutgers Newark Campus

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RBHS Newark Campus


Blumenthal Hall, Suite 206
249 University Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Tel: 973-353-1537
Fax: 973-353-1536

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Stanley S. Bergen Building
65 Bergen Street, Suite 538
Newark, NJ 07103-3001

P: (973)-972-7766
F: (973)-972-3202

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Diane Ambrose Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (848) 932-4037
Letitia Dean Assistant Director, Grants and Contract Administration (973)-972-0283
Sharon McFarlane Manager (973)-972-0281

Research Contract/Grant Specialists


Cecilia Carrington Grants and Contracts Administrator (973)-972-8649
Jessie McNabb Grants and Contracts Administrator (973)-972-4569
Tim Kirby Research Contract/Grant Specialist (973)-353-1540
Joe Broderick Senior Grant Facilitator (973) 353-1533
Reuel Mebuin Research Contract/Grant Specialist (973) 353-3461
Ipsita Sengupta Research Contract/Grant Specialist (973)-353-1539