RBHS GS/Staff Assignments (New Brunswick/Piscataway)

RBHS Grant Specialist/Staff Assignments

New Brunswick/Piscataway

Alphabetical Listing of Departments/Units and their corresponding Contract/Grant Specialist

Effective 6/10/2014

Administrative Unit Grants Specialist Contact
Anesthesiology Mojgan Bruzios (848)-932-4042
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Jenny Tirrito (848)-932-4553
Cancer Institute of New Jersey Latona Thompson (848)-932-4054
Cardiovascular Institute of New Jersey (CVINJ) Emily Crowley (848)-932-4027
Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine (CABM) Mojgan Bruzios (848)-932-4042
Child Health Institute of New Jersey (CHINJ) Emily Crowley (848)-932-4027
Dermatology Mojgan Bruzios (848)-932-4042
Emergency Medicine Jenny Tirrito (848)-932-4553
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute Latona Thompson (848)-932-4054
Environmental and Occupational Medicine Latona Thompson (848)-932-4054
Eric B. Chander Health Center Emily Crowley (848)-932-4027
Family Medicine and Community Health Jenny Tirrito (848)-932-4553
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) Jenny Tirrito (848)-932-4553
Medicine Emily Crowley (848)-932-4027
Neurology Brenda Baker (848)-932-4596
Neuroscience and Cell Biology Nikki Nicholas (848)-932-4021
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Monika Incze (848)-932-4013
Ophthalmology Latona Thompson (848)-932-4054
Orthopaedic Surgery Jenny Tirrito (848)-932-4553
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Jenny Tirrito (848)-932-4553
Pediatrics Emily Crowley (848)-932-4027
Pharmacology Nikki Nicholas (848)-932-4021
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Nikki Nicholas (848)-932-4021
Psychiatry Brenda Baker (848)-932-4596
Radiology Mojgan Bruzios (848)-932-4042
Surgery Brenda Baker (848)-932-4596
School of Public Health Latona Thompson (848)-932-4054
University Behavioral Health Care Latona Thompson (848)-932-4054
Vivarium Nikki Nicholas (848)-932-4021