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NSF: Other Support

Guidance for completing NSF Current and Pending Support Forms – Issued June 23, 2021

Beginning October 5, 2020, NSF requires additional information in the NSF biographical sketch and Current and Pending Support forms, including information about appointments at other institutions (honorary, adjunct, visiting, or part-time) and resources (financial and non-financial) provided in support of an investigator’s research (e.g., space, equipment, supplies, employees, or students provided in support of research, whether at Rutgers or elsewhere).

Please note new guidance, instructions and examples for completing the NSF Current and Pending Support Forms for proposals due on or after October 4, 2021 can be found in the NSF PAPPG NSF 22-1 which was posted on June 22, 2021.

It is the responsibility of faculty members to validate that they have included all appropriate information on their Biographical Sketches and Current and Pending Support forms, including research activities outside of Rutgers.

What is Current and Pending Support?

Current and Pending support “includes all resources made available to an individual in support of and/or related to all of his/her research efforts, regardless of whether or not they have monetary value. Current and pending support also includes in-kind contributions (such as office/laboratory space, equipment, supplies, employees, students.  In-kind contributions intended to be used for the proposal being submitted should be included in the “Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources” section of the proposal 26. In-kind contributions not intended for use on the project/proposal being proposed also must be reported and must be included in the Current and Pending Support form27. Current and pending support information must be provided for this project, for ongoing projects, and for any proposals currently under consideration from whatever source28, irrespective of whether such support is provided through the proposing organization or is provided directly to the individual.” The PAPPG further states that, “If the time commitment or dollar value is not readily ascertainable, reasonable estimates should be provided.”

Researchers may wish to use this questionnaire to help ensure that all appropriate disclosures are made to the NSF.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of faculty members and key personnel to validate that they have included all pertinent information in their Current and Pending Support disclosures, including activities.

Who must submit Current and Pending Support information?

Each individual designated as senior personnel on a proposal must provide a Current & Pending Support information in an NSF-approved format.

When must the information be submitted?

Current & Pending Support must be submitted as part of your proposal via FastLane, or  Use of the SciENcv curriculum vitae is encouraged by NSF and will produce an NSF-compliant PDF version of the Current & Pending support format for an NSF proposal.

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