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Legacy UMDNJ Subawards

Legacy UMDNJ Subawards

Are subaward documents that have been signed or partially signed prior to the integration date of July 1, 2013 valid?

This depends on the status of the prime award at the time of signature. If at the time of signature the prime award was still under legacy UMDNJ and not Rutgers, then a modification will have to be issued or reissued (if partially executed) which can include the following main concerns or more:

  • Officially transfer subaward agreement to Rutgers
  • Reassign invoices to appropriate accounts payable office
  • Reassign Division of Grant and Contract Accounting as the financial contact
  • Extend period of performance and add funding (even if dates are prior to 7/1/2013)
  • Assign a new index number and new purchase order
  • Other issues to be discussed with subaward specialist

NOTE: ORSP is in the process of receiving subaward documents from legacy UMDNJ’s legal office. However, to assure ORSP has the most up to date documents on file, please be prepared to send a copy of the grant file.

While the prime award is undergoing novation efforts, what can we do for our subrecipients who need an extension and/or additional funds?

Until the prime award is officially novated to Rutgers and assigned a new index number, letters of intent to subrecipients can be issued. Please contact Michael Toleno at for more information. 

How did the integration affect legacy UMDNJ prime awards and their respective subawards?

The majority of legacy UMDNJ prime awards are undergoing the process of novation (refers to the process where the prime sponsor assigns legacy UMDNJ’s role to Rutgers). This process holds true to most federally funded awards. Foundation or other sponsored awards may not need to undergo this process and may only need a modification. 

Please contact the appropriate grant office to clarify your award status:

NOTE: Once the prime award is novated, the current legacy UMDNJ index number will be closed and a new index number will be assigned. This will affect the purchase orders in place; see Question 6 for more details. A prime award that only needed a modification and did not have to undergo the novation process may be able to keep current index numbers and current purchase orders active. 

How will legacy UMDNJ novated awards affect current purchase orders?

Once the prime award has been novated, the current legacy UMDNJ index number will be closed and a new index number assigned. Therefore, a new purchase order reflecting the new index number will be issued to each subrecipient. 

If the prime award did not have to go through the novation process, it is possible that current index numbers and current purchase orders will remain active. Please contact your grant specialist for your prime award status. 

What is the legacy UMDNJ Purchase Order process?

Until further notice, the legacy UMDNJ purchase order process remains the same. Departments should continue to submit purchase order requisitions to procurement. Purchase order requisitions should be accompanied with a copy of the fully executed subaward agreement related to the requisition. In addition, the requisition should also be accompanied with a copy of the novated prime award.

If the prime award has not been novated, no purchase order requisitions should be submitted as the current index numbers will no longer be valid.

NOTE: The Grant Specialist must be supplied a copy of the purchase order.