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Graduate Student Tuition Rates

Graduate Student Tuition Rates

Rutgers Graduate School-New Brunswick

The information below is NOT applicable to Rutgers - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

DISCLAIMER: The information below regarding Graduate Student Salaries and Tuition Rates are taken directly from projections provided by the Graduate School New Brunswick.

The following are recommendations provided by the Graduate School − New Brunswick (not ORSP) for estimating support of Graduate Assistants, registered in School # 16 (GSNB- Graduate School New Brunswick). Salaries quoted are minimum salaries based on the AAUP contract; projections beyond this contract are for budget purposes only and do not reflect plans to increase salaries or tuition. Some GAs will have higher salaries than these minima because of competitiveness pool enhancements. Because full time GAs are required to register for 6 non-billable credits/semester, they typically register for 2 to 18 billable credits per academic year. If first and second year graduate students will be supported, 18 credits of tuition per year should be budgeted; if students in their last years of study (who have completed all credit requirements for the degree) will be supported, the minimum number of credits, 2 per year, can be budgeted. Projections for the out year costs for tuition and fees are for budget purposes only, and do not reflect any actual plans to increase these costs. Tuition and fee schedules (per semester) for other units can be downloaded from

Rutgers - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

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