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Endorsement Process

Endorsement Process

The Endorsement Process is:

  • The internal mechanism utilized to obtain the necessary research project information in order to process a proposal to a sponsor. RAPSS should be used to complete the Endorsement Process for all ORSP submissions.

  • A detailed, binding documentation between the department and ORSP where all appropriate signatures from the PI, Director/Chair, Dean, and ORSP Specialist must be obtained prior to submission of a proposal or award. When animal or human research, stem cells, or biohazardous materials are involved, ORSP will obtain signatures from the appropriate Compliance officer at time of award.

  • Required for all proposals (new, competetive renewals, and supplements/revisions), contracts, and clinical trials. All signatures are mandatory.

  • Required for non-competing continuations, Only the PIs signature is necessary. Department policies may require additional signatures for non-competing continuations.

The Fully Signed/Executed RAPSS Funding Proposal:

  • Ensures a proposed project is complete and consistent with the missions and policies of the department, college, and the university

  • Outlines all applicable proposal information for grants, contracts, MOA, MOU, Cooperative Agreements, and any other type of proposed submissions.

A Complete and Electronically Signed RAPSS Funding Proposal

  • Is required at 12pm noon 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline date of any proposal for sponsored funding with the PI signature

  • Is required at 12pm noon 2 business days prior to sponsor deadline date of any proposal for sponsored funding with all applicable department, chair, etc. signatures

  • View all documents required for submission at the 5 and 2 business day deadlines